School Council

Shaping our School's Future

All government secondary schools, including Mullauna College, have a School Council comprised of elected students, parents, school employees and community members. Functioning as a legal entity, the School Council plays an important role in the school’s long-term sustainability and success, while representing the broader school community.

Our School Council meets 8 times a year. We have a governance role, while the everyday operation of the College is managed by Principal and the school staff. The Council’s responsibilities include contributing to the strategic direction of the school, monitoring budgets and expenditure, setting local policies, determining student-free days and providing general oversight of the schools’ buildings and grounds, including the hire and shared use of school facilities.

Most meetings are ‘open’ and visits by members of the school community are welcome by arrangement. Visitors may also request inclusion on the agenda if they would like to address the Council. A copy of our standing orders (set of rules for the operation of the Council) is available on request.

Mullauna College also has a Resources subcommittee (that focuses on budgets, financial statements and property), as well as a new Parent & Carer Association(P&CA) which was formed in 2023. The Association has exciting future plans for supporting the school community’s needs and fostering connections between parents and carers.

Becoming a Councillor allows you to play a valuable role in the direction of the school. It’s an interesting role and does not require specific experience or qualifications. Parent members help bring a diversity of viewpoints and valuable skills to the Council. The current term (2023/2024) of the Council ends in March 2024. Half the positions will be declared vacant and elections will be held (this will be advertised on the colleges Compass system). Members are elected for two years.

Joining the Council (or alternately, a subcommittee or the P&CA) is a chance to actively contribute to the school’s thriving community.

Current Councillors

  • Fiona Allen (Parent)
  • Michael Bray (Staff)
  • Sharna Booth (Parent)
  • Liesl Coulthard (Parent, President)
  • Lisa Garnett (Parent)
  • Esther Harrison (Parent)
  • Lisa Larmour (Staff)
  • Yeng Ling (Community)
  • Jeff McMillin (Staff)
  • Jacqui Pontefract (Parent)
  • Rebecca Reed (Community)
  • Harry Ruff (Principal, Executive Officer)
  • Elisabeth Waycott (Community)

There are also 4 student representatives.
M Perry, A Pappas, L Szabo & T Levy

Mullauna College,
456 Springfield Rd,
Mitcham VIC 3132

Phone Number: 03 9874 3422

Mullauna College

Mullauna College is a years 7 – 12, co-educational state secondary school set in the heart of Mitcham in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs.