Junior School

Mullauna College is divided into a Junior School (Years 7-9) and a Senior School (Years 10-12).

The curriculum at Years 7-9 builds on the skills developed in the primary years and is designed to provide a foundation for students seeking academic success. We focus on developing literacy, numeracy, analytical and creative thinking skills as well as encouraging students to develop excellent study habits and a positive work ethic.

In Years 7-9, our curriculum is based upon the Victorian Curriculum.

Mullauna College junior classroom 8

In Year 7 all students undertake a core curriculum in the following learning areas: English, Health & PE, Humanities, German, Mathematics, Science, Technology and the Visual and Performing Arts.

In Years 8 and 9 also undertake a core program, and can then individualise their program by selecting two elective subjects each semesters.  Electives include 3D Drawing and Design, Creative Writing, Filmmaking, Creative Media, Game Design and Coding, Lights, Cameras and Action, Robotics, Soundtrack and Sport Science.

For each year level an interdisciplinary program has been designed to engage, challenge and meet the needs of students. The programs, Year 7 Challenge, Year 8 iLearn and Year 9 Skillz, aim to enrich student learning by providing them with a choice of rich, complex assessment tasks and by creatively integrating digital technology. By the end of each year students have developed a comprehensive range of skills to enable them to meet the needs of VCE and beyond.

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