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Discover the impact of Mullauna College through testimonials from students, parents, and staff, reflecting our vibrant school community.

Carl and Rachel

“We would just like to express our thanks for six great years our son, James, has had at Mullauna College.

Having heard experiences of other families’ children, at other schools, we were unsure of what to expect. However, from day one the standard of education has been outstanding. From years 7 to 12 we have had little to complain about, and have found James’ teachers more than willing to listen and discuss any concerns we’ve had.

Many of the other parents we know have said that Mullauna has exceeded their expectations.

We want to finish by saying that we have recommended Mullauna to other parents, and will continue to do so.

Thanks and best wishes to you all”


“I would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank each and every staff member, past and present, for playing a role in providing a safe and nurturing environment for Caitlin over her entire time at school. An environment that encouraged and facilitated her love of learning. From Year 7 through to Year 12 with all the troughs and peaks in between, Mullauna has always been a place I felt comfortable sending Caitlin. Secondary school can feel like the final frontier of safety in a child’s journey from a parents point of view. For providing this school culture I thank you.

During the last of the term holidays I took the opportunity to walk my dogs throughout the school yard, reminiscing over the years and acknowledging the changes and growth of the school within those 6 years and I confess to shedding a nostalgic tear!

Even when Caitlin no longer physically attends Mullauna, she will always remain a Mullauna student at heart.”

Peter & Michelle

“We could not have been happier with our choice of Mullauna Secondary College for our daughter. For the final five years of her schooling, she enjoyed: being part of a wonderful cohort of students, a diverse group who all mixed together and supported each other; opportunities and support for leadership development (including the Summit Leadership camp, working in the canteen); approachable teachers, who were generous in their time with students and who encouraged her academically. S

he was particularly grateful for the extracurricular activities offered at Mullauna (music program, sports program, United Nations forum, Central Australia trip, Lions Club public speaking competition – to name a few). As her parents, were are thankful for all of the support she received over her time at the school.”


“We have had our children at Mullauna College for the past 10 years, and we could not be happier with the school, with our girls thriving both socially and academically during this time. The teachers and staff are friendly, approachable and motivated, and could be relied upon to actively support, encourage and mentor our girls to further themselves in different areas leadership, sports, debating, music etc.

The comparatively smaller school population of Mullauna has also led to a supportive, ‘community’ feel throughout these years, emphasised by the fact that the different year levels regularly work together over different programs and events. As a result, the familiarity between the teachers and the students has proven to be a major benefit in supporting our girls through their education.”


“We have had one child graduate from Mullauna after an enjoyable six years, where she was supported to achieve excellent personal and academic results. Two other children are still studying there and are also benefiting from the moderate size of the school where many of the community are known to each other, especially the teachers.

The dedication of the staff to curricular and extra-curricular activities including music and debating is always appreciated. Mullauna offers opportunities, and our children have felt supported to make the effort to take them on and benefit.”


“We had 8 years with Mullauna College and we’re pleased we chose our local high school. Some of our children achieved better results than others but they all found the teachers to be caring and encouraged them to develop a determination to succeed in preparation for life after school.

Being a smaller school, there was a strong feeling of community among the staff, teachers, students and parents. Thank you to all staff and teachers for your support and dedication.”


“I would like to provide my feedback on the wonderful journey we have had as part of the Mullauna College community. To all the teachers who we have dealt with over the six years, your dedication and support, your patience and guidance is amazing.  We are very grateful. Please pass on my heartfelt wishes and congratulations to all the teaching and support staff.”


“Recently we had one of our best nights of our lives to see our daughter finish her secondary school journey. Thank you all for the support you have bestowed to her on this beautiful journey. She has had so many good friends over the years and such beautiful teachers.

We feel proud that we chose Mullauna College for our little girl 6 years ago. Now she has become a young confident girl who is ready to take on her life ahead on her own. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for shaping her into who she is today.”

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Mullauna College

Mullauna College is a years 7 – 12, co-educational state secondary school set in the heart of Mitcham in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs.