Learning & Teaching

Mullauna College promotes high expectations in all students and a commitment to hard work. Our aim is to prepare young people to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community.  A major focus is to prepare students to contend with a very dynamic 21st century in which curiosity, creativity, cooperative work, connectedness to the world and adaptability are key features.  The school aspires to provide a contemporary approach to teaching and learning in its purposeful learning environment.

The Curiosity and Powerful Learning Instructional Learning model has been implemented across the college. Teachers use the Compass School Manager – our online information portal for students, parents and teachers, to upload explicit learning intentions and success criteria for every lesson so that students have a clear understanding of the purpose of the lesson and the knowledge and skills they are expected to obtain. This consistent approach across all year levels has improved student learning and fosters a strong working relationship between students and their teachers.

The College’s mission is to create reflective and independent learners for life through a learning community that provides a challenging and secure environment responsive to individual learning needs. We believe that effective learning occurs when outstanding and innovative teachers provide a variety of tasks that actively engage students who are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. The expectation is that students will be successful and enthusiastic learners capable of building positive relationships.

At Mullauna, we believe a student learns best when the family and school are working in partnership with the common goal of achieving the best possible educational outcomes. To that end, our school uses the Compass School Manager, a web portal designed to provide parents with secure, direct access to everything they need to know about their child’s education.